7 website add-ons guaranteed to lighten your workload

As small business owners, we often are forced to wear several hats throughout a typical work day. What if you could set up your website to take over one or more of your daily tasks. By incorporating the appropriate systems, you can program your website to automatic preform many tasks that will give you more free time, save you money, and increase daily productivity.

Here are 7 task that you should consider implementing into your website.

Booking and scheduling

Allowing for your current and new customer to book appointment can be a great way to save time in your business. incorporating a booking system can help you to improving communication when customer by eliminating the constant back and forth when attempting to schedule appointment. A good booking system is great for any business in the services industry such as hair & nail saloons (or stylist), consultants, Massage therapist, medical professionals etc. It is also good for setting up registrations for events and booking vendors for weddings, graduations. This makes it great for photographers, videographers, and DJ’s. The possibilities are endless on how you can use booking to help grow your business. WordPress has serval options that make it easy you install booking services into your website. For example, Team Booking is a great WordPress plugin for small business owners. This plugin allows your clients to book appointments directly through your website. The Team Booking plugin syncs with your Google calendar making it easy for you to control your schedule.


Having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system incorporated into your website can help you to effectively track and mange your customer data. It is important to have some form of CRM system to help keep organized and to keep your customers information safe. Having a CRM system incorporated into your website can give you the flexibility to operate your business from anywhere. It can give you the freedom to access customer information while you are away from your office. A good CRM system can help you manage and track customers personal information, help you track payment, help you understand you customers buying behaviors and, help make your membership site more effective.

Membership site

The possibilities are endless when creating a membership site into your website. Having a member site within your website can make money directly and indirectly. Creating a membership site make you money directly if you charge your customers a fee for access. This is great if you want to sell courses online or build an online community. From another perspective, your membership site can make money indirectly by saving you time. A membership site can be created to give you’re an online portal to access the information they need at the click of a button. Creating a membership site for this reason can allow your customer to pay their bills online, access billing information, and learn most thing they need to know about their account with you on their own. This allow can help to eliminate the need for customers to contact you about repetitive information by allowing them to access it on their own.

Merchant services

If you are looking to accept payment, for any reason with your website, you need merchant services. This is extremely important because there are hundreds of federal laws regulating online payments. Having a good merchant services will eliminate the stress of making sure that you comply with regulations. Most people default to using PayPal to accept payments online but, there are other great options to accepting credit card payments. Some great options for small business are MemberMouse. Using MemberMouse will allow accept credit cards directly through your website for both physical and digital products and services. They allow you to make customizations in how you offer and sale your products to your customers on a beautiful, easy to use interface.

Live chat box

Installing a live chat box into your website can help increase customer communication an conversions. A live chat box will always customers who are ready to buy but, have questions to ask you a question on demand. Some research says, by increasing your communication with customers using live chat, online sales can increase by up to 45%. This can be by inserting a (insert link) plugin into your WordPress website. Crisp has a free and paid package to help fit your needs. The Crisp is a affordable way to install a live chat feature into your website. The plugin links to an app that you can use to communicate instantly with your potential customers and, answer their questions on demand.

Lead Generating

When trying to make money with your website its important to capture new potential customer refer to as “leads”. As a business owner you want to build a relationship with your customers. By setting up a campaign that helps you generate leads, you can incentivize people to give you some of their basic information so that you can continue to keep in touch with them. This is extremely important when attracting customers who have never heard of you prior to visiting your website. On average new customer will need to interact with you at least 7 times before they buy from you. These interactions can be done through emails, SMS text messages, ads, or directly. Getting information such as their email and sometime their phone number can allow you to increase their interaction using email, text message and social media advertising.

Some type of lead generation method includes pop-ups, landing pages and, banner ads. Incorporating an offer such as a coupon or freebie (free product, service, or information) is what incentivize your potential customer to give you their information. You can then put this information onto a email list and run the campaigns to them to increase your interacting and relationship with them.