Black Friday Business Blueprint: 4 steps to improving your holiday marketing strategy


Is your business ready for the holiday season? For most small business owners, the holiday season can contribute up to 40% of their annual revenue. With the season being the highest buying time of the year, it is very important for small business owners to prepare to take advantage of this. To make as many sales as you can  there are several things  you do.

There are four key components your business should have in place to help you increase conversions during this time. These four components at improve your holiday marketing strategy or to bring new customers to your website and encourage them to buy


Identify your winning product or service

The first component is to determine what is your winning product or service. To do this, you must understand what your customers are interested in buying. If you are an existing business, you might already know what your best-selling product or service is. In this case, you can use what is already working. Like the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But, this is not the case for a new or established business. New businesses that have not yet run a successful marketing campaign, or have little to no sells,will have to take the time to research what their new customer is looking to buy. This is important in selling, to help attract as many customers as possible. There are several online tools you can use to  determine which product or service you should focus on selling with your holiday marketing. A helpful tool called KWfinder  will help you understand which products your potential customers are looking for based upon key word searches in Google. By understanding what that customer is looking for, you can understand what they are most likely to buy.


Create an attractive sales funnel

Once you have identified the best product or service you should be selling, the next step is to build your sales funnel. Building a sells funnel is essential to you holiday marketing strategy. The way  this is structured will be different for each business, and, depending on  whether you are selling a product or services. The key elements thing to keep in mind when building your sales funnel is to establish 4 key elements: establish trust, explain need, explain how you can help, and create scarcity. Incorporating these elements properly will help to give your customers an offer that they can not refuse. You can create a fully customisation sales funnel using Thrive Themes  inside of your WordPress website. Thrive Themes also allow you to test multiple sales funnel formats at once, enabling you to see which layout is best for your business.


Create a killer email marketing Campaign

Building your email list is very important for several reason your holiday marketing strategy. One major reason is to help build your credibility and build trust. Sending your new and potential customers email updates about your business, you help to re-insure then that they are safe sending money with you. Statics show that on average a potential customer must be introduced to your brand at least 7 times before they buy from you. Establishing an email marketing strategy that give potential customer consistent education and updates on your business allows them to build faith in you brand which hopeful will persuade them to buy. Secondly, you can use email marketing to promote sales and discounts directly to a pool of interested customers. Most likely the people on your email list are people who have already shown interested in what you are selling. This means that most likely, once they are presented with the right product, price, or promotion they will take advance and buy. Sending emails with special promotions and updates on products and/or services will give customer the opportunity to buy when it is best for them.

Using a email marking programs like Convert Kit makes email marketing flexible. With Convert Kit you can create custom sequences that allows you to automate your emails. By presenting your sequence in advance you can create custom email campaigns with triggers that make maintain your emails easy and organised.


Social Media Marketing Campaign

To help drive new targeted customers to your website, social media marketing is the most effective way to make it happen. Running targeted social media campaigns can help you attract very specific people based upon interests and buying behaviour. Facebook has an amazing tool called “Audience Insights” It “ tool allows you to understand the interests and behaviours of your potential customers. By understanding this information and  that ensuring your ads are in front of them  helps you to increase your conversations.

With all of theses parts implemented and working together, this blueprint  helps to increase the traffic and conversions to your website. If you need help implementing this process, please join  our 4-week Black Friday Business Boot camp. The Boot camp will walk you step-by-step through each phase of this process to help you get your business ready for the holiday season.